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About Us

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A Note From Our Founder

"My goal is to build a brand that inspires women to feel confident in pursuing a path that makes them happy and fulfilled."

Hi! My name is Jacquie and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am beyond excited to share Heron & Pine with you. Our brand was inspired by all the amazing and unique women that surround me, who continue exploring what makes them feel happy and fulfilled.

One of these women is my grandmother, who always taught me to speak my mind and work hard. She was the main motivator in me starting this brand. Over the years, I always wanted to build my own company and came up with reasons why now wasn't the right time. When my grandmother passed, it made me stop and realize that there is no time like the present. She had a picture of herons and pine trees in her home, which inspired our name. It is fitting that heron symbolizes 'path' and Pine symbolizes 'resiliences' as our mission is to help women feel more confident and to empower them to bet on themselves every time.

As for our hats, we kept simplicity and sophistication in the forefront of our minds. From start to finish, we ensure each detail is perfect, bringing you a high quality hat that is chic and versatile.  Our hats are the perfect accessory for everyday wear for all women: the seasoned hat lover or the novice hat wearer.

We hope you love our hats and we can inspire you to keep blazing your path. 

All My Best,